Dr. Kalie Judge

Passionate. Loyal. Resilient. 

Hi, I am Dr. Kalie. I have seen the struggles people go through on a daily basis. I know what it is like to struggle myself. I know what it takes to over come real life obstacles. To achieve greatness in your life. 

A few years ago, God placed a calling on my heart. To marry the world of health and fitness with Jesus. Because what I was witnessing was the fitness industry has their physical body figured out for the most part and the Jesus folk have their spiritual life figured out for the most part, but each are keen on neglecting the other. 

It is time to become Battle Ready. This is where I help bridge the gap between mental, physical and spiritual health. While equipping people to become totally whole and completely set free. 

Through renewing your mind, refining your body and refreshing your spirit. 

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