2 Corinthians 12:10

Jan 07, 2022

“So I’m not defeated by my weakness,

But delighted!

For when I feel my weakness,

And endure mistreatment - 

When I’m surrounded with troubles

On every side and face persecution

Because of my love for Christ - 

I am made yet stronger. 

For my weakness becomes a portal

To God’s power.”


We’re taught pride. 

We’re taught strength. 

We’re taught resilience. 


We’re taught asking for help is weak. 

We’re taught weakness is shameful. 

We’re taught struggle is powerless. 


Usually Jesus is the opposite of what 

We’ve been taught. 


I’m not saying walk around being a weak coward. 

I am saying walk in the strength of Jesus

And rest in his strength. 


The Devil will work really hard to push your buttons. 

He will come at you from every which direction. 

He will accuse. 

He will expose. 

He will diminish. 

He will pick and nag. 


He is looking for you to step out of the shadow of Jesus 

And into your own might and strength. 

He knows he can beat you. 

He knows once he has you away from Christ thats it. 

Game over. 


Stay in the shadow of Jesus. 

Stay in his strength. 

When you are weak than you are strong. 

It’s not about your power and might. 

It is Jesus. 


For my weakness becomes a portal to God’s power. 


You were never called to walk this life alone. 

You have Jesus. 

You were never called to be afraid of the world. 

You have Jesus. 

You were never called to be filled with pride. 

You have Jesus. 


Focus on Him. 

Rely on Him. 


He is your strength. 

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