Galatians 5:9

Jan 07, 2022

“Don’t you know that when you allow

Even a little lie into your heart,

It can permeate your entire belief system?”


A little bit of poop in your water,

Is still poopy water. 

You wouldn’t drink from the glass,

Because the entire thing is contaminated. 


You are being lied to. 

From the world.

From the Devil. 

From the past. 

You are being lied to. 


Why is it that we so easily let a lie in,

But have to completely inspect the truth?

As if the truth is more deceptive than the lie. 


It is easier and often times more comforting to walk in the lie. 

Jesus Christ came, in truth, to set you free. 

You will doubt that He is all you need,

But you will, without question, go through daily rituals

To reach a “higher spiritual self”.


Rituals will run dry. 

Lies will expose truth. 


Read your bible. 

Talk with God. 

Walk with the Holy Spirit. 


That is where the truth sits. 


Galatians 5:1

“At least we have freedom, 

For Christ has set us free!

We must always cherish this truth 

And firmly refuse to go back 

Into the bondage of our past.”


Cherish the truth. 

Refuse to go back. 


Your past is not the way. 

Jesus Christ is the way. 

Keep your eyes on him, 

Stop checking your rear view mirror

For something that might pop back up 

To save you from the here and now. 


If it didn’t work before,

It will not work now. 


Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,”

Says the Lord.

“They are plans for good 

And not for disaster,

To give you a future and a hope.”



Not redesigned past. 

Stop going back. 

Stop living in the old story. 


God has a future for you. 

You’re wasting it on what has happened in the past. 

God has a hope for you. 

You’re wasting it on disasters of the past. 


Keep the lies out. 

Seal the truth in. 

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