Hebrews 12:15

Jan 07, 2022

“Look after each other

So that none of you fails 

To receive the grace of God. 

Watch that no poisonous 

Root of bitterness grows up 

To trouble you, corrupting many.”


Be careful who you are surrounded by. 

Be watchful that those you love don’t slide. 

It can happen in an instant. 


There should be no bitterness amongst believers. 

Bitterness aligns with jealousy and unforgiveness. 


Don’t bring your past into the future. 

Leave the baggage at the foot of the cross. 

Give it to Jesus. 


Too much of life is wasted stewing over things of the past. 

Things you can’t change. 

Things that either you did wrong or they did wrong. 

Leave it there. 


Bitterness is a heavy burden to carry. 

It sinks deep into your soul and corrupts everything in you. 

Eventually once that root is strong enough in you, 

It will start coming out onto those around you. 


Jesus came to bring us joy, not depression. 

Peace, not war. 

Love, not hate. 

Grace, not bitterness. 


If you have even the slightest bit of bitterness 

Lurking around, 

Ask Jesus to get rid of it. 


Drop the shackles and live free. 


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