Hebrews 5:7-8

Jan 07, 2022

“During Christ’s days on earth

He pleaded with God,

Praying with passion 

And tearful agony 

That God would spare him from death. 

And because of his perfect devotion

His prayer was answered 

And he was delivered. 

But even though he was a wonderful son, 

He learned to listen and obey

Through all his sufferings.”


He learned to listen and obey. 

It is so easy to forget the part 

About Jesus that was human. 


What did he struggle with?

What were his temptations?

When did he realize he was special?


There is the song during Christmas, 

“Mary, Did You Know?”

I’d like to sit down with Jesus and 

Ask if he knew. 


What was it like growing up as a kid?

Did he always hear God?

Did he ever want to sabotage the whole mission?


He learned. 

He listened. 

He obeyed. 

Even through his suffering. 


We are made in the image of God. 

We are called to be like Christ in our daily walk. 






No matter what you have been up against in your life. 

You have a higher calling. 

You have a bigger purpose. 


Jesus knows your temptations. 

Jesus knows your struggles. 

Jesus knows your sufferings. 


Let him take it away. 

Speak with him. 

Let him comfort you. 

Trust in him. 

Let him protect you. 

Rest in him. 


He made a way for you when there was no way. 

He sacrificed his life and own agenda for you. 


Could you imagine if he listen to Satan when he was being tempted in the wilderness?

Could you imagine if he decided he was better than God the Father?

Could you imagine if he thought he had a better way than what was planned?

Could you imagine?


You are so loved. 

You are chosen. 

You are known. 

You are cared for. 

You have the Holy Spirit left by Jesus to guide you. 





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