Luke 1:44-45

Jan 07, 2022

“When I heard your greeting,

The baby in my womb jumped for joy.

You are blessed because you believed

That the Lord would do what he said.”


Mary goes to visit Elizabeth. 

One woman that thought she 

Was past the age of child bearing. 

One woman who is yet to be married. 

One woman carrying the greatest prophet 

Of all time. 

One woman carrying Lord and Savior. 


I can just imagine them sitting together,

Talking about their angelic encounters. 

Discussing what God not only promised, 

But delivered. 


There is a lesson on who you spend your time with. 

The people you are around. 

Because these two women could not go and talk 

To just anyone about their events. 

But they had each other. 


Having people in your life that encounter God on 

A daily basis will breed different conversation 

Than talking with people that barely think God 

Even exists. 


Find your people to do life with. 

The people you can discuss Holy encounters. 

The people that will jump for joy when they see you 

And you them, because you carry the Holy Spirit wherever you go. 


Mary was 

“Blessed because she believed that 

The Lord would do what he said he would do.”


What are you not believing yet?

What is holding you back from your blessing?

What unbelief is hidden in your heart?


You pray for a delivery from God in one moment,

And doubt he will deliver it in the next moment. 

You can live in incongruent thinking

And expect miracles each day. 


Luke 1:38

“Mary responded,

‘I am the Lord’s servant. 

May everything you said about me come true.’


Be like Mary. 

Trust he will do what he said he will do. 

Surrender your life to the Lord. 

Be his servant. 

He will bless you with over flowing bounty. 


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