Luke 1:59-60

Jan 07, 2022

“When the baby (John) was eight days old,

They all came for the circumcision ceremony.

They wanted to name him Zechariah 

After his father. 

But Elizabeth said, 

“No! His name is John!”


Elizabeth and Zechariah are in a crowd 

Of people they know the best. 

People that have been with them through life. 

They know they have been waiting for a child. 

Remember they are “beyond child bearing years”.


These people know the excitement of naming 

A male child after their father. 

But when Elizabeth explains 

That he will be called John, 

They lose their marbles. 


They immediately look to Zechariah to override her decision. 

His vote is the final answer. 

The one that will seal the deal. 

Does he side with his wife, or look good for the crowd?


Let’s go back  a few verses. 


Luke 1:13

“But the angel said,

“Don’t be afraid Zechariah!

God has heard your prayer. 

Your wife, Elizabeth, 

Will give you a son,

And you are to name him John.”


Zechariah had a high level of doubt after hearing this. 

Naturally this was impossible. 

He voiced his doubt to the angel Gabriel and this is the result...


Luke 1:19-20

“Then the angel said,

“I am Gabriel! 

I stand in the very presence of God.

It was he who sent me to bring you this good news. 

But now, 

Since you didn’t believe what I said,

You will be silent and unable to speak until the child is born. 

For my words will certainly be fulfilled at the proper time.”


Nothing like getting your point across. 

Zechariah has been silenced from that point,

And still at the time of circumcision. 


I can imagine the battle within his mind. 

Do I agree with my wife and stand with her and possible look like a fool in front of all these people...? 


Do I override her and the angel and boost my ego a little and name this kid after me?


The battle of obedience. 

The moment of truth. 


Luke 1:63-64

“He motioned for a writing tablet,

And to everyone’s surprise he wrote,

“His name is John.”

Instantly Zechariah could speak again 

And he began praising God.”


Doubt destroys faith. 

Obedience resurrects purpose. 


Don’t let your doubt override the plans God has for you. 

Listen to the Holy Spirit as He guides you. 

Even when it’s unpopular to the crowd around you. 

You live for an audience of one, God alone!  


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