Matthew 1:21

Jan 07, 2022

“She will give birth to a Son, 

And you shall name him Jesus

(The Lord is Salvation),

For He will save His people 

From their sins.”


Joseph is put in such a weird position. 

He’s freaking out a little,

Because he was engaged to Mary.

Mary was a virgin. 

At least thats what Joseph thought. 

I can just imagine his response. 

You’re what, with who?


He was a good guy and was going to just leave quietly. 

But God. 

God sends an angel to talk to Joseph in his dream 

And tell him what’s going on

And that he shouldn’t hesitate to take Mary in marriage. 


Matthew 1:23

“All this happened in order to fulfill

What the Lord had spoken through 

The prophet Isaiah:
”Behold, the virgin shall be with child

And give birth to a Son,

And they shall call his name Immanuel”

-which, when translated, means,

“God with us.”


One version says “God became one of us.”


Jesus’ birth is a promise fulfilled. 

After decades of waiting for the savior. 

God delivered. 


Whatever you are praying for. 

Whatever you are waiting for. 

Whatever you have been promised by God.


He is faithful to deliver. 

He is a man of his word. 


Jesus is another example of the faithfulness of God. 


Isaiah 55:8-9

“For my thought are not your thoughts,

Nor are your ways My ways,”

Declares the Lord.

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,

So are my ways higher than your ways

And my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”


Doing things his way may look a little different. 

Do it anyway. 

Doing things his way may feel a little awkward. 

Do it anyway. 

Doing things his way may sound a little strange. 

Do it anyway. 


Jesus came to save you from your sins. 

The least you can do is follow his leading. 

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