Matthew 1:6

Jan 07, 2022

“Jesse was the father of King David. 

David was the father of Solomon 

By the wife of Uriah.”


Back to the genealogy of Jesus. 


This one is fascinating to me. 

King David,

The last pick in a sea of 



Better looking 



He finally gets his chance to step out of 

Shepherding and rule as king. 

He ruled for several decades. 


David moves swiftly from a humble heart 

To a pride filled, arrogant heart. 


He decides during a time of war to stay back 

And let the rest of the men fight. 

One night while walking on the roof

Of the kings house,

He noticed a woman bathing. 

He asked around and quickly found out she was married to a soldier Uriah who was out fighting. 


David sent for the woman named Bathsheba. 

They had an affair the evening and conceived a son. 

David tried to cover up his sin by bringing Uriah back from the war. 

Uriah refuses to sleep with his wife so David takes his deception even further 

And has Uriah killed in the frontlines of war. 


After a time of mourning, 

Bathsheba becomes the wife of David. 

They end up having 4 sons together. 


Even through a terrible choice of Kjng David,

God creates a redemptive story. 


Solomon becomes known as the wisest man. 

He becomes king. 

He has his own struggles in his walk with God. 


Your back story is not God’s full story. 

Whatever mistakes have risen in your life, God will still use you. 


David and Solomon are in the lineage of the messiah. 

Not because they are perfect, 

But because they serve a perfect God 

That can use anyone at anytime in anyway. 


Your mistakes do not define your purpose. 

Humble yourself before God. 

Let him use your life! 


You are worth more than your past mistakes. 

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